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The Art_Value_App is an online platform where art is generated, distributed and traded. We are using blockchain technology to secure the market as well as generate the unique artworks. With the Art_Value – The Number Matters!

  • How old are you? What is your address? When you were born? What time is it?

There is something in common in these questions. The answer is simple – the number!

Our lives involve with a lot of numbers such as data number, personal ID, birthdate, student number, postal address, and even a room number. They are all meaningful to our lives! We want to bring the meaning to our beloved numbers!

How wonderful is that your personal number is turned into an artwork! These artworks can later be used to decorate your house or be traded for a higher price.

This can entirely change the way you think about the numbers. With the Art-Value! The number matters!

We are building an online platform where art could be generated, distributed and traded from numbers. It is a newly developed art marketplace to create and produce artworks as well as support artists and art production. We use blockchain technology to secure the market as well as generate unique artworks.

Through very unique elements of the art market, we create a new experience to interact creatively. We created an online auction experience to engage users to create art in an evocative way!

How interesting is it?

From now on, after you buy goods in 7-eleven, ICA, IKEA or Walmart or discover a random number on the street. That’s when you find the new technology that can change the definition of number into an artwork forever, only with Art_Value the Number Matters!

Trust me, you will enjoy it!

For our unique selling point, we have a special feature to generate and distribute the unique artwork from numbers. The person who won an auction will have all the rights to destinate whether to sell it or keep it, as one piece of their collection or for digital or trade further purposes.

Interface of the website Art Value App (


Distributed applications over blockchain technology or “Dapps” have recently emerged as an innovative area with respect to privacy and security. This project is grounded in the field of ArtTech where we are investigating a more general ownership of digital assets in the digital milieu as well as with legitimizing digital and physical artwork online and through the blockchain. Our solution is bringing the best experiences in this world together by constructing a platform for auctioneers and gallerists to augment and evolve their interests. In a first step, we build on our recent online project, where we worked for creativity development by engaging users in novel creative and co-creative processes and experiences. This has led us to the point where we now need to design an online auction prototype based on smart contracts. Some of the challenges involved are related to synchronization and end-user experience with digital assets.

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